Beach Soccer

SUNEXSPORTS Beach Soccer Camp:

The Convergence of the Sea, Sand, and Football


Bringing together the excitement of football with the sea and sand! Specifically designed for enthusiasts of beach football, the Beach Football Camp and Tournaments offer a unique experience.

Enjoyable and Competitive Experience

SUNEXSPORTS Beach Football Camp provides an opportunity to showcase your football skills by the seaside. Matches held on the sand not only enhance team cohesion but also support tactical development. It’s a combination of fun and competition!

Expert Coaches and Fantastic Facilities

Throughout the camp, you will work in training areas that meet international standards, guided by experienced coaches. We provide an excellent learning environment for both seasoned players and beginners.

National and International Competition Opportunities

SUNEXSPORTS offers beach football enthusiasts the chance to compete at both national and international levels. The tournaments we organize provide an opportunity to compete with teams from different countries, creating unforgettable moments.

Enjoy the Sea, Improve Your Football Skills

The Beach Football Camp and Tournaments offer an opportunity to develop your football skills amidst the refreshing breezes of the sea. Experience the joy of both sports and vacation combined.